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Notable Places Of Interest In Stockwell, SW8

The district of Stockwell is part of inner London. It occupies part of the London Borough of Lambeth and is located just 3.9 kilometres of Charing Cross in a southerly direction.

The area was a rural manor situated on the edge of the capital till early 19th century. At that time it was most notable for the botanical garden of John Tradescant, which is commemorated in present day Tradescant Road.

Stockwell Park, Spurgeon, Studley, Mursell, Stockwell Gardens and Lansdowne Green constitute the main estates within the area. Apart from that, remnants of 19th century architecture can be found around the back streets of Stockwell, with a concentration of such in Stockwell Park Conservation Area.

Stockwell Bus Garage is a building of architectural interest, dating back to the 1950s. When the garage was constructed, it was the largest building in Europe with unsupported roof span. The main purpose of the building was to house buses at the time when trams were getting replaced by this form of wheel transport.

A visitor will immediately notice the London deep-level shelters structure, which is presently painted as a war memorial. The site consists of air-raid shelters, built during WW2.

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