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      ClaphamCarpetCleaners just did my end of tenancy cleaning and it's like I'd never even lived there, it was so clean. And I got my deposit back which I totally wasn't expecting, all thanks to them.
Carlos Guerrrea19/05/2020
     Thanks so much to you guys! You rock and I appreciate all the hard work and attention to detail that they put into my home. Such a nice surprise to have a cleaning company!
Jane J.19/09/2019
     Husbands of working wives who feel bad when they crawl into the house at night call this cleaning company to help her. She was stuck in traffic the first time I called their cleaners for house cleaning. The look on her face when she walked in was priceless. Thanks!
Michael Gibson03/07/2019
     Just had to have some rug cleaning done by Clapham Cleaners thanks to my messy teenagers. Lucky for them and their allowance that they offer really cheap services!
Onna A.28/07/2017
     I booked with Carpet Cleaners Clapham the other day and I had a team of domestic cleaners come over to help me with a thorough cleaning job. They really did me a big favour and helped me with the whole house. By the end of the day everything was in a shiny state and I am very happy about that! Will be sure to recommend them!
     I wanted my upholstery cleaned professionally because I had family visiting from overseas. I was prepared to pay a fair amount of money for the job to be done properly but I didn't need to thanks to Carpet Cleaners Clapham. With their upholstery cleaning service I got fantastic value for money! The job was completed fast and the end result is definitely up to my high standards. I'll be calling them again without a doubt.
James Lloyd10/02/2016
     Ever since I could afford it, I've been hiring cleaning packages from nearly every company in the local area. While all of them have their good and bad points, ClaphamCarpetCleaners have definitely given me the most balanced service to date. Their cleaning services not only give you excellent results, but their friendly teams always make you feel comfortable, and their low prices certainly don't hurt! If you want quality without breaking the bank, go direct to these guys. I've never had a problem with their service, and the time and money I've saved is phenomenal!
Elizabeth E.21/12/2015
     My upholstery cleaner from Clapham Carpet Cleaning did the best job I could have thought possible! I've used a few cleaning companies in the past, but none have been as affordable or as good at what they do. My upholstery looked almost unrecognisable after a deep clean from this company, and I'm over the moon with the results!
Aimee T.14/10/2015
     My apartment has never looked so clean as after the professional cleaning crew from Clapham Cleaning Company had paid me a visit! At first I was rather embarrassed at letting the cleaners inside, as I'd really let the place sink into an abyss of mess and disarray. Yet there was no judgement on their part. They simply started cleaning and in no time at all had my apartment looking near perfect. You could have probably eaten off the floor it was so clean!
     I was very happy with my recent eco friendly cleaning service I had on my home. I wanted a company that was conscientious about the products they use and the harm that they cause to the planet. Clapham Cleaning Company did a great job and used effective products that were eco friendly. The result was just as good as using mush harsher cleaning products, but into the bargain my home is free from toxins and other harmful substances. Thank you for a wonderful service.
Edgar R.24/11/2014
     I am really chuffed with the cleaning work by Clapham Cleaning Company. I have never been the tidiest person and I hate cleaning. Getting someone to do my cleaning for me seemed an obvious solution so I use a cleaner once a fortnight to keep my house clean and tidy. I was recommended this cleaning company by a neighbour and couldn't be more pleased. If I need any extra cleaning doing, like the cupboards cleaning out, I just leave a note for my cleaner and she sorts this out for me. I don't know why anyone doesn't have their own cleaner.
Sophia R.05/11/2014
     I haven't used the general cleaning services of this company but I have used the upholstery cleaning services and it's for that reason I'm leaving this positive review. The technicians were very professional and made an immediate assessment of my sofa, working out what needed to be done. I left them to it and was delighted with the results afterwards, it was even better than I hoped and when you think I was considering getting a new sofa, contacting this company saved me a lot of money. I would highly recommend Clapham Cleaning Company to anyone else who is looking for reliable sofa cleaners.
Joy R.13/08/2014
     I wanted to get my settee and chairs cleaned rather than having to replace them. They were getting old but I knew that they were of good quality. My neighbor said that she had used Clapham Cleaning Company and that they did a great job of restoring her upholstery. I thought no more and called them for a quote. The price was lower than I had expected and the job was done to a high standard, leaving me with a 3 piece suite that was almost as good as new. I will use them again in the future if I need upholstery cleaner.
Tina McIntyre24/07/2014
     We don't do cleaning in our gaff, so to keep our landlord happy we needed some pretty slick cleaners. That's what you get from Clapham Cleaning Company who are as good a cleaning firm as you'll get in the East End. My housemates and I can be messy and it's a good job we have these cleaners - I don't think anyone else would put up with our mess! They have all the cleaning gear they need so all we have had to do is tell them when and where and they've come over they get it all done quite fast and they really do cover all of it. Once a week, job's a good un!
     As a school teacher my time is limited, but my husband suggested I hire some paid help in the house. He also worked long hours and didn't want the chore at the end of the week. He had heard good reviews about a local cleaning company called Clapham Cleaning Company. S o I gave them a call and discussed my requirements. I was given a quote that I was happy with so booked an appointment. The cleaners arrived prompt with their tools, we went over what I wanted cleaning and they started work. Great care was taken throughout the house, nothing was broken and everywhere looks great.
L. Todd12/06/2014
     Clapham Cleaning Company did a great cleaning job on my house when I broke my leg a while ago. I called and arranged a home cleaning service that entailed more or less everything from cleaning light switches, under beds and the tops of wardrobes. After this initial deep clean I decided to keep up with the excellent service and now hire the cleaners on a weekly basis. It is certainly money well spent. The house looks great and smells so fresh. I would certainly suggest anybody needing some domestic help to give these guys a call. They were professional and meticulous.
Sam Smith26/05/2014
     I have often found that working with cleaning services rather than independent cleaners is a little colder and less personal. However, after my last independent cleaner didn't show up twice in a row, I thought I'd give Clapham Cleaning Company a go. They are an excellent company whose staff are lovely to work with and to talk to. I was incredibly pleased to have found them when I did, and it was a real treat to have such an excellent cleaning service for what turned out to be an incredible price! Very highly recommended, I will be using them again!
Carolyn Alexander14/05/2014
     I know that cleaning services are not the most exciting thing to write a review on, but when you are such a slave to a cleaning company as I am, you find these things pretty thrilling! My job means that I never have time to clean or do housework, so I am always relying on teams like Clapham Cleaning Company to get things done for me. Happily, those guys have been instrumental in ensuring that I am on top of things, and completely set towards being happy in a clean and tidy home when I get back from work every night.
Mathew Sherman29/04/2014
     My sofas were starting to feel a little rough. I couldn't really see any dirt since they are dark but I knew that the roughness wasn't normal. I called Clapham Cleaning Company and decided to hire their upholstery cleaning service. They came with all their fancy gadgets and got cleaning straight away - no procrastinating! A few hours after they were done, I saw that the sofa had nicely dried and had a nice feel - the sofa was soft and smooth again. Clearly, the sofa needed a good clean and a good clean is what it got. It smelt great too, which was an added bonus.
Rebecca C.28/03/2014
     I am very pleased with the cleaner that I hired from Clapham Cleaning Company. I've used professional cleaners before but they've only ever done the necessary jobs. My cleaner from this company took the time to do a really thorough job, and I really appreciate that! There wasn't a flaw that I could find in the cleaning job, and everything was completed really quickly without causing any disruption to my daily life. This is a very dependable and very thorough company that's also quite affordable too. I haven't found a better company in the area than this, and I think that this is a great company if you want a cleaner that you can trust!
Alice G.25/02/2014
     I have told all my friends about Clapham Cleaning Company, I think they are growing tired of hearing about it! But honestly what a great job they do of cleaning my home. I first booked them to do a one-off clean after I had been working long hours for a few weeks and my home had become a little neglected. I wasn't quite prepared for just what a great job they would do - it would take me weeks to get the bathroom that clean! I was so impressed they now come every week, I wouldn't know what to do without them.
P. Mills03/12/2013

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