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The Charming Side of Wandsworth, SW8

Wandsworth is one of Greater London’s 35 major centres and is located in the south west part of the city, within the London Borough of Wandsworth. It was once of area of immigrants and offered housing to many waves of immigration ever since the 16th century, from Dutch protestants, to today’s members of the European Union from Eastern Europe.

Wandsworth High Street is the place to go if you want extensive shopping, and the best place for that specifically is the recently rebuilt Southside shopping centre. And if you want to learn more about the history of the region, then there will be plenty of curious exhibitions for you in the Wandsworth Museum. If you want less history and more culture, then you can go to the De Morgan Centre and see the lot of Victorian artwork on display there. King George’s Park, right behind the shopping centre in the High Street, offers you a great opportunity for walks in nature and to enjoy the freedom of the outside. Also, you can find in Wandsworth one of the largest European prisons: the Wandsworth Prison. Viewing it from the distance is a great motivation to stay on the law’s good side.

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